Frequently Asked Questions

How is my web page presented to the visitor?
Your web page is presented to the vistor in a full page popunder window. We are connected to a large network of publisher web sites. When someone visits one of the network sites in your chosen category, we send that visitor to your web site. Your visitors see your web page in a full size window. Large delivery volumes are possible at low cost with this type of traffic making it very popular.

What happens if the popunder is blocked?
If the popunder is blocked then it will not be counted on our system as being delivered. Our system will only count successfully delivered popunders that are displayed to the visitor.

Can I choose which page (URL) you send the traffic to?
Yes, you can send your visitors to any page of your website that you choose. It can be the home page or any other page of your web site. We would recommend that you use a page suitable for this type of campaign. If possible use a page that is fast loading, eye catching and/or contains a special offer to attract the viewer's attention.

Can I order UK only targeted traffic?
Yes, you can target your campaign to a UK audience. If you order a UK targeted campaign then we will only send you traffic from UK visitors. If your website is targeted specifically to the UK market then you do not want visitors from all over the world. To order UK Web Traffic please click here.

Do you offer traffic targeted to visitors from other parts of the world?
Yes, we can target visitors from the USA, Canada, Australia, Europe and Worldwide.

How long will it take to deliver my campaign?
When you purchase, we will start your campaign within 24 hours, often within a few hours. Orders placed after 5pm on a Friday will be processed the following Monday morning.

Campaigns are delivered within 30 days or less.. If you would like your visitors delivered over a specific time frame then we can usually help. You are able to set an daily delivery limit to suit you. You can also pause your campaign if you wish to at any time in your campaign login area.

We supply you with a Username & Password that allows you to check the status of your campaign via a login area.

Do you offer statistics so that I can monitor my campaign?
Traffic campaigns have live traffic stats so you can keep track of the progress during your campaign. Before your campaign is activated you will receive an email with a link to your stats login. Please save this email for reference and future use or print it out.

Do you have any restrictions on the content of my web site?
Your site must be legal in the target country. Sites with illegal content, hate text or sites that promote illegal activities are not allowed. If you have any popups on your site then please contact us before ordering so that we can check it. Also, the landing page should not have any automatically playing sounds. All orders are accepted subject to our terms and conditions of sale.

If you are unsure as to the suitability of your web site then please contact us first and we will check it for you.

Is it a one off payment or do I have to subscribe to your service?
All orders are a one off payment and you are under no obligation to order again.

How do we contact you if I have any more questions?
You can email us with any questions that you may have at or you can fill out our Contact Form.